Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 5-2-22

Veteran and Children Escape Domestic Abuse

A female veteran with 4 children escaped a domestic abuse situation.  She was very distraught and didn’t know where to turn.  They had no place to live, no food or clothing.  She desperately didn’t want to go to a shelter with the children.  

She ended up at Veterans’ Outreach.  The Services Director spent a lot of time with her to understand the entire situation and develop a workable solution.  Veterans’ Outreach was able to help her with immediate temporary housing and referrals to partnering agencies to establish permanent housing.  They were all able to pick out some clothing and hygiene items.  She also received boxes of food and some gas cards.  She arrived at Veterans’ Outreach dazed and confused, but left knowing that she could care for her children and that people have her back.