The Power of the American Soldier

Death, destruction, catastrophic hate, struggles, disparity, and all the things that make up the ingredients of war. It is never easy, and many get hurt, displaced, and even killed. Wars touch us all…some more than others. Wars and its effects started when Cain killed Able.

All wars begin with evil. Evil intent is the reason. As a world of human beings, we will never be able to live together without hostilities.  You and I were born out of war.  Without war, this great nation would not exist. Look at the Mid-East, for thousands of years there has been bloodshed for many reasons. It all comes down to evil.  Man’s unwillingness to relent or observe a fellowship.  America…the United States…is the closest that any Nation has come to peaceful co-existence.

I almost hesitate saying United States, for we are in an upheaval, a divisiveness, on so many levels.

We, as a Grateful Nation, should realize what we have and not only cherish our Nation but understand where we come from and live free and safe – because of our Soldiers. The 10% that protect and serve the other 90%.  No draft needed these days for our Soldiers defy fear and sign their name in blood to do battle with any enemy that threatens our way of life…our FREEDOMS!

Our nation needs to unite and look to the American Soldier as an example.  The Power of the American Veteran is immense and deserves our deepest respect and love.  We need to be there for them in their time of need.  If you are a veteran or have a veteran in your family, even a friend, you must know what I mean. My father and brother, I miss them so much, served at Pearl Harbor and Vietnam. My son is still serving as a Captain in the Army and was stationed in Afghanistan. All three came back with PTSD and many horrific health anomalies. They sacrificed like so many of their service brothers and sisters. They share a common denominator of faith and trust with each other that is unshakeable. Veterans are all about helping other veterans.

My great uncle was in the Army during WWI and when WWII broke out, he was 39 and rejoined the Army! That is what I am talking about!!!  What they had to go through, the experiences, shoulder to shoulder, in do or die scenarios, we citizens can’t imagine it.

Veterans’ Outreach is blessed to be able to be there to greet and help. Yes, the stories are many and those stories only make our resolve stronger to help as many veterans as possible.  We have many veterans involved with our mission.  The Power of the American Veteran is very apparent, all-over America and around the world.

Please realize what Veterans mean to our nation, and to you personally.  Thank them with a smile, a nod, pick up their tab at a restaurant.  Any way that you can show appreciation means more than you could know.  It helps with the things they deal with everyday lurking in the corners of their hearts and minds.

Check out this solo play titled, “The American Soldier”. It will give you a bitter taste of what many of our veterans go through. I dare you! It’s going to hurt but will make you proud!

Please visit our website and donate, become a member, volunteer, or ask how you can get involved to help with the mission.

God Bless America and our powerful Veterans!