The Heat is ON!

This week our “Case of the Week” comes from our KY Office. Many people came together to gift a new HVAC system to a veteran and his family.
Over a year ago, Veterans’ Outreach was contacted by ARS/Rescue Rooter. They were interested in getting leads from us for a veteran that needed a new HVAC house system in the Lexington KY area. I touched base with several contacts, and found 2 veterans that were really in need at that time.
Things progressed, but never developed into a conclusion.
I made contact a few times, and there were delays. I pretty much wrote them off, thinking they changed their minds, found someone else, etc. To my surprise I was contacted again recently by ARS. They said that there were snags last year, and they wanted to move forward and wanted to know if the same veterans still needed the system.
They followed up, visited the veteran, and decided to surprise them last Thursday, November 8th by showing up at their door to give them the news and install same day.
They had a TV crew there and their own video crew. Our Regional Manager, Brandon Clark, was there to represent Veterans’ Outreach. He delivered flowers and candy to the lady of the house. One more surprise – it was her birthday.
This is an email from the happy couple, all snuggly warm on a chilly November day.
We got our new heat/air unit today. It was very unnerving being on the news though. Was so surprised to see Brandon at my door. Thanks for the flowers and chocolates! Today also happened to be my birthday so it was like me and hubby both getting a gift. Since it all happened today. It was a blessing as the heat guys said it wouldn’t have lasted much longer.