Stepping Stone in a Time of Great Need

One of the worst things that can happen to a person, especially a family, is a house fire. Recently, that is exactly what happened to a family nearby. Their apartment caught on fire and they lost everything. They got out with their lives and that is all that truly matters, however, the reality sunk in of their situation, realizing that they basically have to start all over. The Red Cross stepped in and was able to get the family 3 days at a hotel. When we received the call we jumped right in. We were able to provide the family with food, fuel, clothing, and referrals for housing while they figured out what they are going to do. We are grateful that they are okay and that we were able to provide them with a sense of solace in this time of loss. Things are just things, they can now move forward, rebuild and find a new place to call home. We are grateful to have been the stepping stone for them that they desperately needed.