Post 9/11 Veteran’s Medical Expense Relief
This week’s Case of the Week comes from our Hartselle, AL office. 
We recently had a veteran stop by to say hello and see what we are all about because he happened to see our sign along the road. After some good conversation, we came to find out that he had been paying out of pocket for his medication from a private doctor for the past 11 years since he had gotten back from the War on Terror. 
He explained to us that it was costing him upwards of $500 dollars per month. Imagine that; $66,000 dollars plus out of his pocket! At our urging, he made an appointment with the VA in Huntsville to get re-evaluated and to get his prescription from the VA. He willingly showed me his doctor’s evaluation and the symptoms of PTSD jumped off the page to me. I am no doctor but I am very familiar with PTSD. I asked him to please stop by after his appointment so we could keep up with his progress. We hope he does!