Planning Ahead Pays Off
This week our Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by Jan Worrel, our EC there.
We had a wife of a veteran call us this week. They needed help with their electric bill. It is from Lakeland Electric, not an electric company that we get a lot of requests for. Bob had about a year ago, filled out paperwork for Lakeland Electric stating we were a Non-for-Profit Veterans Organization and sometimes we do get a request for Lakeland Electric, so we can be classified as a Charity Organization. 
She went on to tell me that her husband had a biopsy on his chest wall. The biopsy came back with atypical Lymph nodes, due to the type of atypical lymph nodes, they have to send the pathology slides out to Mayo Clinic for further evaluation on how to treat him. In the meantime, he fell at work and possibly has torn his rotator cuff and is unable to work now.
We were able to assist them with their electric bill. 
We are happy we could help in this time of great need!