Patriots Day

Wow…Patriot Day!!! Practically a WWIII!

It was uttered, but not proclaimed. In a lot of ways, it was, and it changed our world forever.

Here we go again…19 years later…The Pandemic, The Riots, The Political Parties…so far apart…you can’t just reach across the aisle…you might as well be across an ocean.

Those three events have us divided like never before. We are forced to face life style changes, cultural modifications, history annihilation, and we easily garner suspicious overtures with our fellow patriots. What a nightmare and it isn’t just a bad dream…It is here and it is eating away at our nation. Have you checked out our Statue of Liberty?  I bet, if you look closely, you will see a tear or two stream down her patina cheek!

When 9/11 happened…It was broadside slam that we didn’t see coming.  Like we didn’t see the ghost of destruction called COVID 19,  nor the peaceful protests that in many cases have turned to ugly riots! Fires, killings, theft, untold destruction, and further destroying more livelihoods…adding to the carnage already evident from COVID 19.

How much more we can take?

The terrorism on our soil, destruction, and death from 9/11 should have taken us down to our knees, but Patriotism rose up like a frothing Giant…to fight back the enemy…That enemy was a Ghost as well!

Longest war in history and allot of evil humans have been vanquished.  I remember when the Congress and the Senate gathered on the White House Steps, holding hands, and showing solidarity and a unified front against Terrorism! Boy did that give us chills!

We are not just a nation of immigrants…with different cultures, colors, appetites, spiritual needs…we are all Americans. We need to come together, again, and fight for that justice and liberty for all!

There are so many enemies that will constantly want to take that away from us. We open the door to opportunities, wider than ever, so everyone can have a part of the “American Dream”.  As we face new enemies of our Democracy, domestic and international, now and in the future, we must unite, be ready, and have each other’s back.  We can’t do it alone! We need you all to come together as ONE!


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