Poker Run for Veterans’ Outreach

on June 15th, 2019

Patriot Brotherhood’s mission is to…

support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, our military veterans and first responders.

raise awareness to the sacrifices they’ve made and assist them in hardships resulting from their service.

open our brotherhood to like-minded warfighters and patriots who share our beliefs to strengthen our community.

We are the three percent, and we are everywhere. Expect us.

The Patriot Brotherhood Rides for Veterans’ Outreach

The Clubhouse Brewing Company hosted another fund raiser for Veterans’ Outreach with the group called PBMC Tomahawks.

They go proudly by the Patriot Brotherhood…which is only 3 Percent Motorcycle Club.

The rest is RED, White, and Blue! Their goal is to strengthen communities nationwide by reminding them of our solemn duty to honor and respect veterans and first responders of this country.

We visited with them, they couldn’t be more supportive of our mission “to honor and serve” all veterans.  After that event, we now have more volunteers available.

We are looking forward to what we can do together, through the rest of the year and looking forward to their 2nd Poker Run!