Our Military Are The Gatekeepers

Wow…Just imagine the chaos that would ensue on this planet of ours. Evil is everywhere and it wants to control us and take away our true being, ourselves, our very essence of whom we are. 

Our military and their transitioning back to being normal…well…a great deal of them are back never to normal…like before their visit to war. 


I saw that gate and beyond through my father, brother, son, son-in-law, and Great Uncle’s eyes, stories, and their own physical and mental injuries. The terror and determination that they had was very ethereal.

It was hard to imagine, for me, to still comprehend their visit to the other side!

That covers, WWI, WWII (Pearl Harbor), Korea, Vietnam, and finally Afghanistan. They all had lifelong agonies!

The blood and minds that is taken by that Devil…That Evil…is apparent and a constant reminder all around us in the form of those surviving veterans. 

They were there at and beyond that GATE! They are to keep that EVIL from escaping. Its desire to be soul harvesting worldwide is the most dangerous of all plagues! 

The planning by those DEMONS is in full swing to unleash and foment on all people of the world, that is the goal!

 Our American Soldiers have been successful so far but keeping that Devil behind that GATE, will always be the task of our service men and women. 

Our family, friends, and strangers sign up to be those “Angels of Democracy”, which we will always be grateful for that American Spirit that is righteous in their promise to protect and serve!

I would like to say even more clear, than I humanly can, that we love you, stand by you, and are very grateful to all our veterans, and those still serving for our strong FREEDOMS, that we enjoy. Keeping that DEVIL behind that Gate is no easy task!

May you all have a wonderful New Year that will show you new and meaningful beginnings! To all of those fellow Americans I would like to ask that you extend a Hearty thank you to those men and women, our protectors!