Off to a New Start

Our Florida wanted to share this case as our “Case of the Week”.

A veteran called on the recommendation of the Homeless Veterans Assoc.  He left Colorado to pursue 3 employment possibilities in the Sarasota area.  There were problems along the way, his car broke down in Alabama. He found out that he needed a new transmission, the cost would be $2200, but the care was only worth $1200.

He got a ride from a trucker (who did a quick background check before allowing him to ride!).  Initially, he was able to cover his living expenses, but ran out of money and became homeless.  Two of the three local job possibilities didn’t work out, but he had an encouraging response from a Tampa golf club who would “get back” to him.

On his second night sleeping on the street he was assaulted and robbed. He did get a break when the Tampa club he would have a job if he could get there.

That’s where Veterans’ Outreach came in. He asked for bus fare and hotel room. We covered both and rounded up to some additional funds for food and living expenses.  The veteran is off to a new start and swears he will be a serious donor to Veterans’ Outreach.