Laughter is a Mini Vacation
Our Liberty office has the Heroes’ Closet Program. Lots of clothing is donated. The clothing is processed and veterans are able to browse through it and choose what they need at no cost. On average, we give away over 100 articles of clothing each week. 
Yesterday, Michelle, one of our office team put out some additional items. She came across a pair of mens pants that were pin striped pink. She wagered with our Bob, our Services Director that no one would ever choose those pants. He agreed to the wager. 
A veteran came for his appointment to get help and while waiting chose some things from our pantry. He met with Bob and they talked. Bob told him about the pink pants and asked the veteran to choose the pants and really make a fuss about how much he liked them.
All in good fun, the veteran went back to the clothing and picked up the pink pants and just exclaimed “Oh my goodness! These are nicest pants I have ever seen, and oh, they are my size! Could I really have these pants?” Michelle jumped up, and looked at the vet, and told Bob the bet is off – it’s a setup and so on. Everyone got a good laugh, especially the veteran. Laughter is a mini vacation.