Kentucky Office Helps a Vet in Need

Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Grayson, KY office. Written by our Regional Manager, Brandon Clark.
A couple weeks ago a veteran approached me to see if Veterans’ Outreach could possibly help his daughter and son-in-law who is a veteran with their electric bill. They had a past due balance of $1291.60, and a disconnect date coming very soon. The veteran said he hated to ask but was worried his daughter and grandchildren would have to go without electric.
After discussing with Bob Julian to see if we had the funds to possibly assist them, I contacted Kentucky Power to see what options were available. After discussing with Kentucky Power, a payment plan could be set up if a $200 payment was made right then and then another $200 to be received in the next 5 business days.
A $200 payment was made at this time by another source and then I advised Kentucky Power that Veterans’ Outreach was pledging the other $200 which they would receive in the next few days.
With the $400 total being paid to Kentucky Power they did not disconnect the power and set the couple up on a payment plan. Were they split the remaining balance up over a 6-month period? Which was roughly $168 a month. We are so happy we could keep the lights on for this veteran family in need.