In the Heat of the Summer, COOL RELIEF
This week, our “Case of the Week” comes from our corporate office in Liberty Township near Youngstown Ohio.
It’s July, and we are having a very warm summer. 
A veteran and his wife were referred to our office from a local agency. He had recently lost his job that supported his wife, 2 children, and himself. He was devastated. Due to the sudden loss of income, his utilities were near shut off status. Bob Julian, our Service Director, was able to broker an arrangement with one of the providers for a payment plan they could afford. We were able to make a payment on the other one to bring the account to current.
We put together the Serve Veterans Now Food Pantry tote bag of foods to feed his family for about a week, and also gave him one of our Daily Food Pantry bags. He and his wife were able to look through the Heroes’ Closet for some articles of clothing. 
I am so relieved that they will have electricity to help cool their home during this heat wave.As he was leaving, he said “This is the only place that was able to help us”.