Homeless Veteran’s Life is Back on Track

We were contacted by a Veterans Case Manager from New York. She was working with a homeless veteran that had previously lived in Ohio. They were able to get him an apartment, but he was unable to get his drivers’ license due to an outstanding citation in Ohio, so that was holding him up from getting a job and really getting his life together. He got a traffic ticket before he left Ohio, never paid it, never showed up for court, and now had a warrant out for his arrest.

Our Services Director, Bob Julian, was able to research where the ticket and warrant were issued from, talked with them, and came up with the remedy that was needed to clear it up.
Veterans’ Outreach was able to pay the ticket, which freed up the veteran to pursue his drivers’ license in New York.
Please see the email from the New York Case Manager:

Dear Bob

I just received a call from veteran David XX that you helped assist here in NY. I cannot thank you enough for what you did to clear up his situation. I know he is grateful and I am beyond grateful for what you did on his behalf. If there is ever anything you need that I can assist you with please don’t hesitate to call.


Deanna XX

Veteran Case Manager

United Veterans Beacon House Inc.

1715 Union Blvd

Bay Shore, NY 11706