Recent heavy rain and wind had left a veteran with several feet of water in his basement.  He just purchased this home earlier this year, and he was loving it – 1st time homeowner, at peace and excited to move forward in life.  As he sat relaxing in his home, he heard a strange noise, when he looked, he saw the basement quickly filling with water.   He does not have flood insurance because it was too expensive.  He lives on a fixed income and really was at his wits end when he called Veterans’ Outreach for some help.  

We advised him to wait a bit to see if FEMA would declare a Flash Flood emergency, then he would get federal aid for his loss.  In the meantime, we got him some immediate relief by placing him in a hotel to think things through and figure out his next move.  We also provided him with food for his family.  When he’s ready, he can come back for additional assistance.