Happy 97th Birthday Crazy Joe


Happy 97th Birthday Crazy Joe

A Great Milestone for about anyone. Joe Lavinger, A WWII Veteran, was at the Normandy Invasion. He was helping to clear the mines in a mine sweeper called the USS Steady.

After the War, he became a comedian and had his own band for 57 years. After that career…he wanted to help the veterans in need.So he joined, Veterans’ Outreach, for 2 decades raising funds for the Mission and bringing an awareness to those vets impacted by war!

Joe raised a quarter of a million dollars…over 20 years, and his claim to fame, then was receiving donations of $100 dollar bills from passionate Americans! He has 136 of them to his credit!

He is married to Mary for 46 years and they are both from Bethlehem…which he uses in his Jokes! American Legion Post 532 in Columbus hosted the party for their eldest member. Bernie, the commander, had advertised and had lots of food, Music, and Birthday wishes for Joe, whom also was voted vet of the year last November.

Joe is an inspiration to us all. His goal is to help as many vets that he can and meet 10 strangers a day that he can make smile or laugh at one of his hilarious jokes and/or antics.

We need a lot more “Crazy” JOE’S in this world…don’t we!

Check out Joe’s charity at veteransoutreach.org

Your fellow Veterans and Veterans’ Outreach, thank you for your services from the bottoms of our hearts!

John Ely, President of Veterans’ Outreach July 18th, 2020


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