GCU Lodge 164 check presentation.

GCU Lodge 164 & St. Mary’s Church Host Bingo

Dr. Tom Sopkovich called Veterans’ Outreach to let us know that they had hosted a Bingo event on Mother’s Day that benefitted 3 Youngstown service organizations.  Veterans’ Outreach was one of the beneficiaries for the third year in a row!  We are sooooo grateful for the community joining our mission to serve and honor all veterans.  

The funds raised will help many veterans with their most pressing needs including gas, food, utility payments, rent and so on – things that they are really struggling with right now.  Our nation’s service men and women deserve our utmost gratitude and that is why we stand ready to serve and honor.  Thank you GCU Lodge 164 and St. Mary’s Church and all those that worked to make this event a success.

GCU Lodge 164 fundraiser flyer.