Fundraising through Food

We were contacted several weeks ago by NEOCC. They have a sanctioned veterans group of inmates that wants to help veterans. These veterans have made some poor choices in life and are now paying their debt. We applaud NEOCC for permitting these men to give something to the community. It is a win win situation for all concerned.
With help from the staff, fundraisers are planned. The inmates sold food from local venues to other inmates. Just the other day, Veterans’ Outreach volunteers helped to pick up the prepared foods which included 1,650 chicken tenders, 501 subs, 675 cans of chips, and 191 cakes. We used our Mack truck which was donated to us from a local furniture store. The truck was perfect for the job, and a veteran volunteered to do the driving.
In a few weeks, Veterans’ Outreach office staff and volunteers will be attending a luncheon at NEOCC to accept the proceeds from the event and thank the men that put this event together.
We are grateful, so grateful for the support and that we are able to be a conduit for these inmates to do some good for veterans in need.

To be continued . . .