Bill Was From a Previous Tenant

We bring the “Case of the Week” to you from our home office in Liberty Township Ohio.

A veteran came to us concerned with a problem regarding his water bill. He moved to a new location. After moving in, he was hit with a very large water bill that he was unable to pay. He contacted the water company and told them it couldn’t be his bill since he had just moved in. The water company rejected his idea. The water ended up being shut off. He then came to Veterans’ Outreach for help. He met with Bob, our Services Director. Bob got in touch with Congressman Ryan’s office and other local agencies. While things were getting sorted out, which took a couple of weeks, we allowed the veteran to fill jugs, bins, buckets, and whatever he had with our water here at our building using an outside hose outlet. I saw him come by for water several times. The water company finally did agree that most of the bill was from a previous tenant. We helped him pay his bill, and now he doesn’t need to come by to fill his vehicle with water vessels. Now he can move on to living his life.