Basically Homeless

This week, we want to highlight the “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty Ohio.

A young veteran, recently discharged, moved back to this area due to illness in the family. A friend had told the veteran, his wife and young daughter that they could stay with them until they got on their feet. When they arrived, the living arrangement didn’t work out. They found themselves basically homeless. They went to Family Services in Warren for help. Family Services helped them get an apartment, and then referred them to us for more assistance. We were able to help them with food and several household goods. Items that had been donated to Veterans’ Outreach were exactly what the young couple needed most – a washer and dryer, chairs, dishes, table and chairs, desk, lots of clothing, and other miscellaneous items. They were so grateful. This young couple has a good start in this area due to the warm welcome from the community, and each have secured employment to hold on to their new footing here.