Amputee Veteran In Need
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Hartselle, AL office.
On Tuesday we had an amputee veteran contact us that needed assistance to build a wheelchair ramp at his house. This man was very upbeat about his situation and said that the Birmingham VA was responsible for saving his life and was deeply grateful for their services. The VA saw a problem that could have been fatal to him and was missed by some of the local hospitals. 
While talking to him he stated that he had written Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas about their motorized chairs that they have for their customers, his idea to them was to have a certain amount of chairs cordoned off strictly for the use of veterans in need. 
He did say that he had some positive feedback from them, so I told him that I would use our platform to see if we could help, so if people out there read this please bring this idea up to the local store managers and if you are inclined to send a nice note to corporate.