Acts of Kindness

Recently at our branch office in Grayson, KY, our wonderful team really made a difference to women and families in need. They were chatting with an employee from a homeless shelter for battered families and discovered that there are some families staying there with multiple children that are in desperate need. The employee continued that they genuinely need donations of everything. So, without hesitation, they loaded both of their vehicles up and delivered totes full of clothes, household items, and toys. We don’t have photos of the experience to protect the identities of the individuals staying there. But, in accordance with how wonderful the Grayson team is, one woman there at the shelter kept commenting on our regional manager’s necklace and how much she loved it. So, before she left, she gave that sweet woman her necklace. She burst into tears of joy and exchanged multiple hugs of gratefulness. “It was such a joy to help someone through the bad times and through the holidays.”