A Hug from the Heart
Today, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Liberty township office north of Youngstown Ohio.
A female veteran was referred to us by our local VA Clinic. This veteran was homeless with two children and a cat. The VA was able to secure housing, but it wouldn’t be available for a few days. She was sent to us to seek help with shelter until the housing became available.
After some searching and negotiating, we set her up in a local hotel. She looked through the Heroes’ Closet clothing and found several articles that would work for her and her family, I watched her carry several bags of clothing to her car. We also gave her food from our food pantries and a gas card for fuel. 
She was very grateful and gave Bob Julian, our Services Director a BIG HUG, not one of those that we give each other like a limp handshake.