2nd Annual Save-A-Lot Campaign

Save-A-Lot stores ran a campaign from Thanksgiving through Christmas to help local non-profits and the local residents. Save A Lot customers in Hubbard and Middlefield purchased bags of non-perishable foods to help veterans with their holiday meals. We are so grateful to be able to participate in such a generous action by the entire community.

Last year it was the store out of Middlefield, Ohio and this year the store in Hubbard joined them with the HOLIDAY campaign. Store manager, Laurie from Middlefield, says, “We are glad to do it. Our customers are happy to give back to our service men and women.”

In Middlefield, the biggest part of the shoppers there are the AMISH community and they are happy to share. Hubbard is a very patriotic small town, Americana at its’ finest.

John Ely of Veterans’ Outreach remarked, “I am glad to do the pickups of the hundreds of bags of groceries from these communities, it’s just great to work with the generous residents to make our veterans holidays a little better, a little brighter.

Save-A-Lot has been around for over 40 years and grew to 1,000 locations in small town USA. Ely reflected, “With Hubbard joining our campaign this year…maybe a couple more will hop on board next year! We will just can dream to get all one thousand to help our veterans through the holidays.”